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True Sobriety is more than the absence of an addiction. It's living the Truth of who you are. When we are fully sober, we are empowered, peaceful, healthy, strong, and creative. That's who you really are!

I don't view addiction as a disease, but rather a symptom that something isn't working in your life. I help you catch your unsober patterns-- the ones that existed long before addiction wreaked havoc in your life. Holistic Sobriety is synonymous with feeling Peaceful and Free. 

I'll help you understand if you're addiction stems from a mental, emotional, or physical issue--that's why Holistic Sobriety works! It takes into account all the aspects of your being, and uses your unique gifts and talents to help you create the life you've dreamed. 

You are deserving of a life that that brings you joy, connection, and vitality.

Christine Brondyke, Certified Life and Sobriety Coach

Let me show you a new way to think of sobriety....

I am overhauling the traditional approach to addiction, because focusing on what you don't want, doesn't work!
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