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Sobriety is not an outcome... it's a moment... this present moment.

I never started out to be a sobriety coach. I didn't start out in my training to be a coach at all. I only knew my own personal life wasn't working, and I was desperate to fix it. While I've done plenty of drugs and drunk lots of alcohol, my relationship with addiction was a unique one. It was an addiction to drama. To being "Right". I've found that most of us are addicted to something! It could be an addiction to shopping, arguing, driving aggresively, hiding out, exercising or power! And luckily, the path home is the same for every addiction. To wake up to our unconscious patterns and to shift into a life that feels honest, free, and empowered.


My own journey with healing began with issues of relationship abuse, panic attacks, depression, and a general unease with my life on this planet. I worked hard with little results in almost every area of my life. In 2000 I experienced a profund insight that totally changed my life. I realized the nature of my inner and outer conflict and understood how I needed to change to feel better.

Since then I have walked a path of tremendous beauty and joy. My passion is sharing with my clients that a shift in consciousness is all it takes to create peace in this moment. For it is only in this moment where Peace, Sobriety, and Connection exist.


My insights came from learning from the best teachers in the fields of Relationships, Somatic Psychology, Spirituality, Transformational Energetics and Family Dynamics.


I have over five years of intensive training, including a two-year apprenticeship with best selling authors Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks and two years with Martin Weiner Ph.D. I have read over 300 best selling books and attended lectures by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, David Deida, Wayne Dyer, Jean Huston, Andrew Harvey, Lama Surya Das, Byron Katie, David Deida, and Scott Kiloby.


I have a private practice where I work with clients in person or by phone. I am also currently employed part-time as a Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor at Passages Malibu, one of the premier Centers for Addiction and Recovery. At Passages, we use a non-12 step approach to assist clients in healing the underlying issues of addiction

Christine Brondyke

Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Sobriety Coach





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