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Individual Coaching

My job is to help people transform their lives. I work with adults who have felt challenged by addiction,  violence, anger management, anxiety, inner conflict, and a lack of clarity. I use a Learning Model, which seeks to empower through tools designed to free you from your unconscious patterns.

Couples Coaching

No matter what the issue, our partners have a unique way of pushing our every button. That's their purpose! Instead of feeling plagued by a relationship that is nothing but hard work, stressful, and confusing, you can learn to use your complaints about each other to create intimacy, connection, and bliss. It's not true that relationships must be full of compromise and obligation! Learn a new way to relate that works.


Home Intensives

For those particularly stuck in addiction dramas, relationship or family conflict, I offer in-home intensives for 2, 3 or 5 days. Coaching is done in blocks of time, with breaks in between. I learn so much from being in my client's homes. I can pick up patterns that aren't usually brought forth in individual sessions. Transformation happens quickly with these intensives. Please contact me for rates and booking information at 805-272-5242


Workshops and Seminars

Occasionally, I lead a workshop or seminar where I guide larger groups of people through processing the things that are getting in the way of their emotional health and vitality. If you're interested in booking me for a workshop or seminar please call me at 805-272-5242




As a leading authority on Holistic Sobriety, I enjoy sharing my work with large audiences. If you are interested in book me for a Speaking Event, please contact me at 805-272-5242





I’m telling you, I think that Christine is one evolved woman. That is what I call ‘Getting It’”


--Oprah Winfrey - 2003 "More Advice for Violent Families"

"Whether Christine is talking to millions of people on Oprah, or to thirty people in a seminar, she has the gift of inspiring transformation with her presence."


--Gay Hendricks Ph.D. (Best selling author of Conscious LIving, and Conscious Loving)

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