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Running from what hurts

We've got it all backwards.

The world will tell you...if you hurt, take a pain pill. If you're anxious, take an anti-anxiety. If you're depressed, take an anti-depressant. If there's terrorism, we need to fight it. If there's poverty, we'll fight that too.

Where has that gotten us??? With more anxious, depressed, terrorized, and poor people than ever before!! It's the fighting that's the problem. It is the "Anti" message that is so indicative of the West. We fight EVERYTHING. And while that may have honed our fighting skills, it hasn't eliminated any of the problems.

There's a reason for that...fighting doesn't make something go away. In fact, it keeps that very thing you don't want in place.

I studied with a prominent healer named Marty Weiner Ph.D. for two years. And he studied with a genius healer named Moshe Feldenkrais. Feldenkrais realized that in acts of physical healing, you must GO WITH the experience, not fight it. We've had it all backwards.

When I meet with my clients who are anxious, I say, "'s here, so let's move toward it and see what happens." Miracles are what happen. Not just on the physical, but the emotional and mental planes too!!

Here's a real life example:

I coach a composer in the entertainment industry. He's a genius musician. But he has always been terrified to perform in front of a crowd. So he contacted me after he was invited to play in a jazz band, and he was finding that the performace anxiety was killing him.

I asked him to pretend he was going on stage and see if he could pull up the anxious feeling. He was able to quickly identify a churning sensation in his gut. So I asked him...'What's your intention" and he replied "I want to be able to easily play with my friends and make great music"

"Ok, I said, so the Universe has given you what you you just need to harness it. Allow yourself to breathe toward the feeling of flapping butterflies and let's see what happens."

As he sat quietly with the sensation it began to move, as all feelings are meant to. He could feel the energy rising upward and he continued to breathe with it. Moving. Moving. Staying with it, and suddenly he opened his eyes and said,"It's jumped to my hands, the energy has moved to my hands!!"

I was curious about that because I didn't really understand why the energy would move to his hands....until I thought to ask him what instrument he was playing in the band.

"The guitar!" he said with a grin.

"Well, there you go then. That's the energy you need to play the way you intended. With creativity, and the ability to improv and flow with your musician friends!"

Anxiety is not something to fight. or Stop. No feeling is. They are all here for us, not as a curse. But as an energetic support system to assist us in creating the life we are called to.

There are no problems. Only experiences. And if we run away from them, we rob ourselves of the very gifts that support our delicious being.

We've had it all wrong. But we can quickly make it all right!!

Move toward. Flow with. It really is that simple. No drugs needed.


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